RFID Identification Tags

RFID Smart Cards, Labels, and Customized Identification Tags

Customized RFID Disc Identification Tags

We provide a good variety of RFID smart identification tags. Each designed and packaged to fit your application needs. Together with major RFID electronics providers (NXP, Infineon, Atmel, Alien, etc), we offer a wide range of RFID electronics options. Furthermore, with a production that is well equipped for chip card, contactless tags/cards and Dual Frequency, Dual Interface products. Consequently, our products often find its application in security, identification, ticketing & banking industries. 

RFID can be found in many applications and industries. Inevitably, with a wide range of tagging possibilities, customisation is necessary. Get in touch with our engineers on your specific antenna design, technology & RF parameters. Let our experts better understand and propose the ideal tagging technology for your tagging environment. Our RF & materials engineers are experienced and well equipped to advice on various antenna technologies. Ranging from LF (Low Frequency) antennas, HF (High Frequency), to UHF (Ultra High Frequency), and even powered Active Tags. We have the solution for you.

Get in touch with us for tags customized to your specific tagging requirements and let us. We will find a suitable transponder for your application.