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Pipe RFID Tags - HVP 170x25mm Metal Mount

Pipe RFID Tags – HVP 170x25mm Metal Mount

Built specifically for tagging assets like pipes, risers and gas cylinders. This flexible UHF tag fits snugly on curved surfaces, both concave and convex. With a 170mm length, this tag bends the grips tightly onto curved surfaces. And with the right application technique, this IP69K tag is built to last.

Remains operational over a wide temperature range, tag can withstand extended exposure of up to 200°C. Operating on the 915 MHz frequency band, this tag boasts a 6.6m read range on metal surfaces.

With tag targeting assets that can be found in a wide range of environments, this tag provides good weather, pressure and chemical resistance.

Dimensions 170 x 25mm
Weight 14g
Personalization Encoding
Material HVP Rubber
Temperature -25°C to +85°C shock for 7 days – with no negative affect
85°C continuous for 30-days – with no negative affect
125°C continuous for 7 days – with no negative affect
160°C continuous for 7 days – tag becomes brittle, but functions
200°Cfor 24 hours – with no negative affect
Rating IP69K
Chip UHF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice [WT]