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Nylon Garment Laundry RFID Labels

Nylon Garment Laundry RFID Labels

Made from Nylon fabric, our garment laundry RFID labels can easily be sewn on fabric for identification.

Constructed with good thermostability and antiflex cracking additives, this waterproof laundry RFID labels can withstand the rough and tumble of the washing process, with washing temperatures of up to 120°C.

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Dimensions 86 x 54mm
73 x 23mm
40 x 25mm
56 x 18mm
50 x 50mm
35 x 35mm
30 x 15mm
Ø50 mm
Ø45 mm
Ø35 mm
Ø30 mm
Weight 0.5g
Personalization Silkscreen Printing / Encoding
Material Nylon
Temperature -35°C to +120°C ( Instantaneous High Temperature )
Chip HF / UHF
Packaging Single

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice