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Revertex RFID Ear Tags for Sheep

Revertex RFID Ear Tags for Sheep

RFID Ear Tags for Sheep.

Made from Synthomer’s Revertex rubber latex concentrate, our RFID Swine Tags is ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant. The two piece ear tag is attached firmly on the ear with an applicator. Brightly colored for easy visual identification, it is also marked with identification number for easy reading.

Rugged and built to last, this tag is also suitable for cattle, bison, sheep, goats, cows and many other livestock and wildlife.

Dimensions Animal Ear Tag
Weight 1.1g
Material Revertex
(Non-Lead, Non Toxic)
Temperature -20°C to +80°C ( 60°C, 95%RH)
Measurement External Ø24.05mm
Internal Ø9.0mm
Thickness 1.6mm

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice