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RFID Silicone Wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband

Encapsulating RFID chip and antenna assembly into this silicone gel bracelet providing it with identification capabilities.

The HF chip inside this band can store up to 4kb of information. Securely protected by the Mifare technology, our band comes in different sizes and colors to suit your application.

The inert soft silicone compound that we use makes it easy & safe to wear.

With the RFID chip carefully sealed, this waterproof silicone wristband is ideal for water-park applications involving a wide range of wearers and where visual identification (color) of the tag is required. Also available is a wide range of personalization options like embodding, chip encoding, laser engraving, etc.

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Type Silicone Bracelet
Weight 2g
Personalization Embossing / Debossing / Silkscreen / Encoding /
Colour Choice
Material Synthetic Silicone Rubber
Temperature -25°C to +90°C
Dimension 202mm x 13mm x 3mm
180mm x 13mm x 3mm
Chip HF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice