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Yes, It’s everywhere! Smart cards can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. It seems like not a day can pass without seeing a smart card in action.

Smart Card comes in many forms. It sits in the phone providing telecommunication identity. In addition, many countries embed smart chip in their national identity card. Moreover, with a safe implementations of 3DES and the more secured asymmetric ciphers in microchip today, we will see more of smart cards in the future.

In it’s contactless format (or RFID in short), it commonly recognized in the form of Door Access in your wallet. Club Membership, Ticketing, and Payment Applications like Credit Cards in your wallet. As a result of developments in chip security, it is now very common to see a contactless RFID chip on the cover of your passport.

Never before, were we able to provide a secured and yet portable digital identity wherever we go.

Reliable Smart Cards Made By the Experts

While we see smart cards in action everyday, there are many ways an RFID Card can be constructed. It comes in many forms. Chip card, Contactless Card, Dual Interface Card, SIM Card, ID-2, ID-3, keyfobs, bands, etc .. and the list goes on to animal implants and tags withstanding high temperature and corrosive environments.

Take full advantage of our expertise in identifying and packaging microchip to your tagging requirement. We tune the tag antenna to work perfectly with your reader, securely personalize your card, and even integrate two IC chip in a card so that you carry one card instead of two.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to customize. Talk to us.