Wood RFID Card

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RFID Wood Name Card –

RFID Wood Card - Wood Name Card

RFID Wood Card – Wood Name Card

Stand out from the rest with our new RFID Wood Name Card. Made from environmentally friendly recycled wood, encode your business identity in this new business card. In addition to reading off your business information from the card, your business card can now trigger a smart phone to send an SMS, make a call, or even launch your website.

Rather than the old conventional plastic door access card, why not replace it with our RFID wood tag? Especially relevant if you are management an condominium or  a real estate developer, differentiate yourself from your competition.

Most of all, our RFID Wood Name Card comes in different grains and shades with options to personalize with chip encoding and laser engraving. Available in standard ISO size format (ID-1) and various HF and UHF RFID standards.

Dimensions 85.5 x 54 x 1.5mm (± 0.02mm) / Customized
Weight 8 ± 0.5g
Personalization Silkscreen Printing / Laser Printing / Engrave / Encoding
Material Recycle Wood
Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Chip HF / UHF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice