Jewelry Retail Tag

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RFID Jewelry Tag

RFID Jewelry Tag

Stock take in jewelry retail can be a time consuming process. Automate your Jewelry Retail operations with our RFID Jewelry Tag. Available in HF and UHF tags, we can also provide tamper proof RFID Jewelry Tag to prevent theft.

Made from resilient polypropene thermoplastic, our RFID Jewelry Tag comes with anti-collision features and a good read range.

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Dimensions 60 x 15mm with 60 x 5mm tail
Weight 1.0g
Personalization Silkscreen , Barcode Printing / Encoding
Material Paper / PP / PET
Temperature Operating: -25°C to +65°C
Chip HF** and UHF
Packaging Single / Roll

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice
**Tamper proof