Payment Terms

  • Please instruct your bank that the beneficiary ‘orangeTags International Pte Ltd’ is to receive the total amount in full.
  • While completing the TT application form you will need to indicate that ALL overseas bank charges and Agent Bank charges** are to be borne by the applicant.
  • If we do not receive the NETT amount in full, your order will be withheld until compliance. As we only begin production once payment is confirmed please fax your bank’s TT remittance receipt to +65-64151543 to expedite the order.
  • Our bank, Standard Chartered, does not charge on any incoming telegraphic transfer. Refer to SC Price Guide, Page 7, Inward Remittances, Credit to FCY Accounts. For details, please contact SC.
  • Products sold are not refundable.

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice