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Atmel TK5551 Datasheet

Atmel TK5551 Datasheet

Standard Read/Write ID Transponder with Anticollision
Datasheet : T5551.pdf

  • Read/Write Anti-collision ID Transponder in Plastic Package
  • Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission
  • Inductive Coupled Power Supply at 125 kHz
  • Basic Component: R/W IDIC® e5551
  • Anti-collision Mode by Password Request
    • E.g. 10 Transponders Read Out in < 500 ms (RF/32, Maxblock 2) – Application dependent
  • Built-in Coil and Capacitor for Circuit Antenna
  • Starts with Cyclical Data Read Out
  • 224-bit EEPROM User Programmable in 32-bit Blocks
  • Typically < 50 ms to Write and Verify a Block
  • Write Protection by Lock Bits
  • Malprogramming Protection
  • Options Set by EEPROM
    • Bit Rate [bit/s]: RF/8, RF/16, RF/32, RF/40, RF/50, RF/64, RF/100, RF/128
    • Modulation: BIN, FSK, PSK, Manchester, Bi-phase


  • Access Control Systems
  • Process Control and Automation Systems
  • Installation and Medical Equipment
  • Asset Management Systems