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EM4324 Datasheet

EM4324 Datasheet

ISO 18000-6C / EPC C-1 G-2 UHF RFID IC
Datasheet : 
EM4324_DS.pdf <Confidential>

  • ISO 18000-6C compliant
  • EPC C-1 G-2 compliant
  • 1024-bit non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
  • 96-bit EPC numbers supported
  • 64-bit manufacturer-programmed Unique Identifier (TID / UID)
  • Forward link data rates: 40 to 160 kbits/s
  • Return link data rates: 40 to 640 kbits/s
  • Battery assistance for superior reading range and reading reliability
  • Rectifier that allows passive operation in case the battery is flat or not present
  • Support of near-field mode enabling reading e.g. through water
  • Support of parallel-inductance matching for improved matching
  • 32-bit password-protected Kill command
  • 32-bit password-protected Access command
  • Anti-tearing feature to prevent malicious unlocking
  • EPC-extended temperature range (–40°C to +85°C)