Datasheet :  IRT101DA(A).pdf

  • Jewel IC for use in Proximity Integrated Circuit Card (PICC) applications
  • Designed to be compatible with ISO/IEC14443 parts 2 and 3
  • ISO/IEC14443 type A modulation scheme
  • Passive RFID tag operating in the unlicensed 13.56MHz band
  • Read and Write (R/W) operation
  • One Time Programmable (OTP) & Write Once Read Many (WORM) operation
  • Typical operating range up to 10cm depending on tag/reader antenna coil sizes and orientation relative to the reader unit
  • Fast data communication rate 106 kbit/s
  • Collision detection with immediate halt function provides protection for data during a write operation in the situation where there are multiple tags in the reader field
  • Anti-tear protection available (achievable by virtue of memory capacity)
  • Fast byte write speed
  • Data communications are protected by 16-bit CRC security
  • EEPROM based user read/write memory area organised as 12 blocks of 8-bytes
  • 7-bytes of Unique Identification (UID) number for use in data authentication/anti-cloning
  • 96-bytes of user read/write memory
  • 6-bytes of OTP memory
  • 2-bytes of metal maskable ROM for fixed operator/scheme/product specific data
  • All memory areas are individually one time lockable by RFID command to prevent further modification of data and to produce read only functionality