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Philips Semiconductors SmartMX - NXP P5CD072

Philips Semiconductors SmartMX – NXP P5CD072

Datasheet: P5CT072.pdf
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Product Specific Features
    • 72 Kbytes EEPROM (including 192 bytes reserved manufacturer/security area)
    • 160 Kbytes User ROM
    • 4608 bytes RAM
      • 256 bytes IRAM + 3 Kbytes CXRAM
      • 1280 bytes FXRAM usable for FameXE
    • Memory Management and Protection Unit
      • for more details see 2.2. Security Features
    • USB 2.0 (Low Speed) contact interface acc. ISO/IEC7816-12
    • Contactless Interface Unit (CIU) fully compatible with ISO/IEC14443A
      • fully supports the T=CL protocol acc. ISO/IEC14443-4
      • Data Transfer rates supported (106/212/424 kbit/s)
    • MIFARE® RF contactless interface acc. ISO/IEC14443-2
      • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
      • Reliable communication due to 100% ASK
      • High speed (106/212/424 kbit/s, efficient frame support)
      • True anticollision
      • High speed CRC co-processor according to CCITT
    • MIFARE® reader infrastructure compatibility
    • High speed DES-3 co-processor (64 bit parallel processing DES engine)
    • High speed AES co-processor (128 bit parallel processing AES engine)
    • PKI Co-processor FameXE
      • The major Public Key Cryptosystems like RSA, El’Gamal, DSS, Diffie-Hellmann, Guillou-Quisquater, Fiat-Shamir and Elliptic Curve are supported
      • 4096 bits maximum key length for RSA with randomly chosen modulus
      • 32-bit interface
      • Boolean operations for acceleration of standard, symmetric cipher algorithms
      • Performance example: RSA Modular Exponentation (Straight forward) < 35 ms                                        (2048 bit key length and 17 bit exponent)
    • Optional free of charge MIFARE®1K and MIFARE® 4K functionality
    • 2 additional IO ports IO2 and IO3 for full-duplex serial data communication