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Animal Management Products - RFID Animal Identification

Animal Management Products – RFID Animal Identification

RFID Animal Identification serves many purposes from ensuring food safety through livestock, poultry supply chain, to wildlife conservation and tracking of laboratory animals.

The RFID Animal Identification technology is being used extensively in recent years. With it’s clear benefits finding it’s way from farms to homes, it is the unsung hero of our well being and peace of mind.

Today, we even protect pets with our non-intrusive smart phone RFID Animal Identification tag. Worn on your pets’ collar without the need for injected implants, the tag is clearly visible when the lost pet is found. More importantly, with a non-proprietary RFID chip, anybody can now read it with their RFID enabled smart phone. Redefining RFID Animal Identification and revolutionize how lost pet are recovered today.

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